Megalis 20 For Female Review

Brand: Megalis

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Macleods

Country of Manufacture: India

Megalis 20 Package Image

Review and Description

Megalis 20 for female use has not been authorized. Megalis has traditionally been known as a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men or for the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy. The drug contains tadalafil which is found in the brand Cialis. This version of Megalis is also thought to increase the sex drive in females with a low libido. Tadalafil relaxes blood vessels so much so that blood flow is increased to certain areas of the body. The genitals are one of those areas that receive an increase in blood flow. This increase happens especially when the area is stimulated.

Macleods Pharma is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the drug. They are based in India and have operated since 1986. They claim to be innovative and to provide quality yet affordable medical products. They compete through the provision of cardiovascular, diabetic, orthopedic, oncology, respiratory and gynecology drugs. In terms of ED, Megalis is the only drug that they produce and it is limited to the Indian market.

Customer Reviews

If you have any interest in reading reviews for Megalis, you can check The reviews are not really reviews per say but statistics showing reports of various surveys by users. In a survey of 17 participants, 14 reported enlarged prostate glands and 3 reported an increased blood pressure in the lungs. In another survey with 39 participants, 28 felt as though it was effective and 11 claimed that it did not work for them. It was unknown to us whether these participants were all male or a mixture of both male and female.

As a manufacturer, Macleods seem okay

As a manufacturer, Macleods seem okay. Their products are known and they have a web presence. If you search for them, you will find several useful results. They have a 4.8 rating on Facebook based on a combined total of 73 votes. That is almost an excellent rating as larger pharmaceuticals that are older, often lack ratings of any kind.

Pricing and Dosage

On you can buy either 8 or 20 pieces of 20mg Megalis at a cost of $19.95 ($2.49 per tablet) or $39.95 ($2.00 per tablet).

Megalis is available for sale in 10mg and 20mg doses. The starting recommended dose for most persons in 10mg.

How to Buy Megalis 20 Online

How to Buy Megalis 20 Online

As mentioned before, Megalis was only sold in the Indian market so it is almost impossible to purchase it online for distribution out of India. However, since it is generic, there are other options that are available to you. Getting generic Cialis is an option and you can click on one of the links listed below to buy the drug.

It is available in quantities of 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 270 or 360 pills. The price per pill varies between $1.31 and $3.51 depending on the quantity you order. In addition to the price of the pills, you have to pay a shipping fee if your order total is less than $200. The shipping cost varies between $9.95 and $19.95 depending on the shipping method you prefer.

How to Use

You should only take the dosage prescribed to you by your doctor. You should not take Megalis with certain drugs such as nitrates. Inform your doctor of any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have as certain diseases can increase your chances of experiencing side effects. Persons who have had a recent heart attack or stroke should not take Megalis.

Take the tablet with a glass of water. You should not eat a high-fat meal if you intend to take this drug. Take the drug at least thirty minutes before you plan to have sex. Some persons are required to take the drug an hour before they have sex because it may take longer for them to use. Megalis is not for use by women and children.

Side Effects

If you are taking Megalis, you should be aware of the side effects in case you experience them so you can tell your healthcare professional. You may experience headaches, back and muscles aches, indigestion, congestion, flushing and in some instances a runny nose. These symptoms are common and will last for about a day. Some persons on rare occasions have experienced painful erections that won’t go away or symptoms of a heart attack. If either of these occurs, you should seek treatment immediately as they can be fatal or result in permanent damage.

Conclusion with Rating

Megalis is a generic erectile dysfunction drug that has worked for some persons. Nothing about the reviews indicate that it was actually used by women. In fact, research indicated that Tadalafil was not granted FDA approval for use by women. Macleods seems to be a good manufacturer with quality products that are reasonably priced. They were rated by 73 persons and the result was outstanding.

Megalis for female use received a 1-star rating. The drug is potentially unsafe for use by females. Furthermore, the manufacturer gave no indication that the drug can be used or was intended for use by females. There was no indication on how it worked for females. Then, Megalis itself is only available for the Indian market.

If you decide to buy Megalis, you should only do so under the direction of your doctor. You may be taking the drug at your own risk as Tadalafil has not been approved for use by females. It has only been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and benign prostate hypertrophy.

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